A Review of the Section4 Strategy Sprint

Tim Woods
5 min readJun 12, 2021

If you haven’t heard of Prof G before, then it’s perhaps a little surprising, because the guy seems to be everywhere at the moment. Also known as Scott Galloway, the NYU Professor of Marketing is a best-selling author (both The Four and the The Algebra of Happiness are good reads), frequent YouTuber, Podcaster, blogger, and now also founder of an online learning experience. The guy is a content machine.

Section4 is his education startup, offering an “elite business education for an affordable price”. The courses on offer are all based around a two week sprint. I like Scott’s style and was intrigued how this format would work, so I signed up to the Strategy Sprint which was one of the initial offerings. There are now around seven different sprints, including Brand, Product, and Innovation. Some of them are taught by other professors such as Adam Alter and Mohan Sawhney.

In Summary: The course is great fun. High energy from start to finish, slick production value, interesting case studies, and some enjoyable live videos with Prof G himself. The Slack channel is busy, but I didn’t get much from it personally. The course depth may be lacking a bit, and I don’t think you come away with that much practical learning, and I don’t think it will boost your CV much. But it’s reasonably priced, over in two weeks, and a lot of fun. If you can afford it and aren’t looking for some robust career education, then I’d recommend it.

Screenshot of Module 1 landing page

Course Structure

The sprint is organised around the T-Algorithm, which is also used in Scott’s book The Four. Essentially, the eight strategic areas that successful companies use to fuel their growth, and in particular those companies in the dizzy heights of trillion-dollar valuations. Those eight areas are:

  1. Appealing to human instinct
  2. Career accelerant
  3. Growth + margins
  4. Rundle (recurring revenue bundle)
  5. Vertical integration
  6. Benjamin Button…



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