A review of Shreyas Doshi’s Managing your PM Career Seminar

Tim Woods
5 min readOct 30, 2022
Some of the cohort on Shreyas’ seminar

Shreyas Doshi is one of the best product leaders in the public sphere to learn from. So when he mentioned that he was launching a course on Maven, I immediately grabbed a spot in the first cohort. Here’s my summary of the course, the structure, key points, and overall opinion of whether it’s worth it.

In Summary (tl;dr)

The course is aimed at senior product managers or leaders. If you are just starting out, this course isn’t for you. It focuses primarily on designing your career. Shreyas has had an incredible career thus far (Google, Stripe, Yahoo, Twitter), and he lays out what he’s learned, the decisions made, how he thinks about choices, and some harsh truths that are probably too nuanced for Twitter.

Bottom line for me: this is a fantastic course to take if you’re in product. I’ve held senior positions for some years now, but always felt like I needed to plan my career and skillsets more intentionally, this course has given me a lot to think about and kickstart that process. I guarantee that for most product managers, you will get a lot of value from these two days with Shreyas.

But, anything new from Shreyas?

I’ve consumed a lot of content from Shreyas already, so I wasn’t sure what would be new here. But…



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